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VH Ranch


VH Ranch offers exclusively pasture boarding for horses of all ages. Whether working or retired, VH Ranch offers several feeding plans best suited for their stage of life in order to keep them fit and well nourished. 

At VH Ranch, we utilize our space to allow horses to live naturally and safely. 

If it sounds like we would be the best fit for you and your horse, please contact us using the information below.



"Knowledgeable owners, sincere care of horses, healthy environment, 24-hour care, high-quality food and special accommodations when needed." - Leslie Askanas

''Peaceful wonderful places where horses can live as they were meant to in a wonderful relaxing heard environment. The owners are delightful and helpful.'' - Laura Bavetz

''A little slice of horse heaven. A great place to retire your horse, or to board a horse that you are still riding. The ranch is located among rolling hills near Happy Camp trails, and enjoys an ocean breeze that keeps the temperatures moderate in the summer. There are a number of different pastures of different sizes with shade trees, other horses to be companions for your horse, and big water tanks cleaned by goldfish (so your horse does not drink toxic chemicals along with water). Feeders are scattered so that every horse, no matter how low on the totem pole, gets plenty to eat. Some pastures have grass seasonally, which is amazing for dry southern California. There is also an outstanding farrier who boards his own horses there and is available to shoe or trim your horse's hooves. They keep an eye on your horses and will blanket them or feed supplements or special feed on request. They feed hay and not cubes!'' - Deborah Rummelhart

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